About ICO World

ICO World is the premier source for ICO news, ICO information, ICO lists, and turnkey ICO services.

Companies worldwide contact us to initiate their initial coin offering. The ICO process is an excellent way to raise millions of dollars in capital WITHOUT giving up any equity or acquiring debt in the raising of money.

We are well versed in the challenging compliance hurdles with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, such as Regulation A+, which allows small companies the opportunity to “go public,” Regulation D, and make their ICO available to U.S. investors.

If you are currently in the process and need assistance with your ICO digital marketing, WE CAN HELP YOU…even if it is last minute!

If you have already completed your initial coin offering, WE CAN HELP YOU in in your post-ICO marketing efforts, to gain better visibility in your marketplace.

About Our Founder – Richard Krawczyk

Richard Krawczyk is Editor in chief of TheICOWorld.ioKnown as Mr. Blueprint, Richard Krawczyk is Editor in chief of ICO World, ICO Advisor, a serial entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, business strategist, social media influencer, former TV host, author, public speaker, investor, and former investment banker.

Based in Las Vegas, NV, he is the founder of ICO World, and Blueprint Digital Media, a digital marketing agency.

As one of the Top 1% of social media influencers worldwide, Richard assisted the world-class social media team on behalf of Access Hollywood and the Vanity Fair Social Club in covering the 2015 Golden Globe Awards and the 2015 and 2016 Academy Awards. His timeline deliveries on Twitter exceeded 1.4 BILLION during Oscars Week, which included the 2016 Academy Awards.

In 2007, Richard co-starred in the movie Pass It On.

Richard is an avid supporter of youth activities, such as drum & bugle corps, where he was fortunate to march in The Cavaliers from Rosemont, IL in 1984 and 1985, where he honed his disciplined lifestyle. He is also a die-hard Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears fan.