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A Blockchain-based Platform for crowdsourcing multi-media content for kids
Blockchain-based Crypto-index
An advertising platform for ICO companies with payments in cryptocurrency
Decentralized poker platform
Decentralized Digital Marketing: Transparent, Anonymous & Rewarding
Property Development & Asset Management
Charitable Token
Autonomous Insurance Network
An Asset Backed Digital Currency on Waves
Blockchain based Global Rewards Catalog connecting Brands, Publishers and Consumers on one Platform
A chain of Duty-free jewelry stores
Token with AML/KYC features
Wireless mesh network built on blockchain
Blockchain-based Private Investment Community
Anonymous Social Network
Blockchain-based Protocol for the App Economy supported by the Aptoide App Store
ICO Escrow Service
Desktop Trading Terminal for convenient trading on 2 exchange markets simultaneously
Arcona ecosystem unites physical and virtual worlds into a single information environment
Online RPG that rewards you with cryptocurrency
Manufacturing project with adoption of Blockchain Supply System for heavy industry
Blockchain-based Ecosystem for Healthcare and Medical R&D
Gesture Recognition Technology for AR/VR
Blockchain-based Art Work Platform
Transferrable Credit Card Rewards Point Token
The Social Supercomputer
Food Science Crowdfunding Project
Neural & blockchain technology that Increasing traders revenue & emotions monitoring + patent
An evenly distributed digital currency, digital currency exchange and end-to-end payments platform
A Protection System for the Initial Crowdsale contributors
Smart contract powered pension funds
Automated real-time identity authentication and decisioning on mobile devices
Reputation Building Platform for Employees
Everyone is a Bank
Restoring & Rewarding Local Commerce with Decentralized Technology
World’s first blockchain option for banana plantation
International business social network and trading platform
Our experience and memories are priceless. Now you can easily save and send your emotions.
Mobile Money Remittance System
Blockchain-based bank
Proof-of-Asset protocol that allows users to tokenize various types of assets
Trading platform with full integration of digital assets as payment instrument
Blockchain Certified Data
A Platform for Selling Digital Products and Services on Ethereum smart-contracts
All-in-one ecosystem for business
The AirBnB model applied to social events
Fully Licensed and Live Mobile Point of Sale System
Betting Hedge Fund
Sports Bookmaker and Betting Exchange
Blockchain Platform for Referendum and Election Voting
Platform of unconditional basic income implemented using blockchain technology.
Blockchain-based Online Poker room
Platform for Binary Options Trading
International Blockchain Platform and BIO Cryptocurrency
Platform for Identification through facial recognition
IM/SMS Blockchain Markerting Solution
Open Blockchain Platform and Network for decentralized apps
Decentralized Search
The Jewish blockchain ecosystem
Campaign to bring Bitcoin ATMs across the USA & Release of a Crypto-Debit Card
Blockchain-powered online education platform
Cryprocurrency Exchange and Wallet for the streets of India
Construction Investment Platform
Anonymous Blockchain-based Market
B2B Solution for Launching Blockchain-Casino
Hybrid Cloud-blockchain Decentralized Computing System
Ethereum-based Blockchain Exchange Traded Fund
Real-time Cryptocurrency Market Data Platform
Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ) on the Ethereum platform
Artificial Intelligence Web-design System. designed in seconds!
Decentralized experience monetization platform
Wallet and debit card service for cryptocurrencies
Personal Cloud Computer available for everyone
Blockchain-based Construction Industry Application
The easiest way for communication between Bounty hunters and companies, conducted ICOs.
Trustless Bounties Network
Blockchain-based Programmatic Advertising Platform
A Global Transportation Access Pass
Blockchain-based Marketplace for Transportation Services
The secure storage project for bitcoins and their owners information
Сommunity-driven Betting Platform on Ethereum
Global Marijuana Information Resource
Cryptocurrency-based Autonomous Marketplace of Services
Decentralized Social Media Service
Banking Platform
Blockchain-based Diamond Exchange
CHILI Crypto robo adviser and designer of algorithmic strategies.
A Decentralized Network designed to facilitate the development of new startups
A Blockchain Platform for effective freelancing and secure peer-to-peer exchanges
Platform for loans secured by cryptoassets
Ethereum-based CryptoCurrency Online Poker
Blockchain-based Fundraising Platform
Platform for connection real world with cryptocurrencies
Marketplace & Ecosystem for Hotel & Tour Bookings
Billing Mechanism for ​Digital Content
Online Learning and Digital Services Marketplace
Decentralized Multiсryptocurrency Payment System
Platform for creating customized payment products, loyalty programs, netting, liquidity systems
An Adventure Game for Mobile Devices
CREDITS Cryptocurrency and Blockchain for the finance industry
Blockchain-based Transaction Platform for the Marketing Industry
Blockchain-based Car Participation Platform
Decentralized Open Innovation platform that connects entrepreneurs and supporters
A Decentralized Social-Economic Art Project
Blockchain Technology Accelerator
Decentralized Taxi Platform for freelance drivers
Advanced Cryopreservation Technologies
Decentralized Ecosystem with a focus on establishing a fully transparent platform for Consumers
Cryptobank with Credit Subtoken and Open Platform
Cryptocurrency Backed By Stocks And Bonds
Public Crypto Analytics Platform based on AI
Incentive program rewarding cryptocurrency adoption
Decision for the Personalized and Unique Identity on the Blockchain
Platform that allows you to copy investments of successful cryptocurrency traders
Blockchain-based asset management, analytics, funding and educational platform
Blockchain-based Recruitment and Background Verification Platform
Blockchain technology being developed by 5miles, marketplace with more than 12 million users.
Blockchain-based Crypto Bank for Institutional Investors: We help Banks buy Bitcoin
A Cryptocurrency accompanied by a real world gadget and an app
Blockchain-based Cloud Computing Services
Decentralized Android app store, combined with an ICO developer platform
Engine for manage ICO projects
Trading community, entirely based on machine learning and artificial intelligence
The world’s most powerful data exchange
Datum is a decentralized and distributed high performance NOSQL database
Managed Global Payment Blockchain
Borderless SME business funding
Decentralized Data Exchange Economy
Global Secure Crowdfunding Platform
A Protocol based on multi-signature transaction model
Decentralized Risk-hedging Platform for Cryptocurrency Investors
A Decentralized Sports Platform
Index of the top market cap cryptocurrencies that show long term sustainability
Mutual Fund for digital currencies
Digital token and protocol of choice for the decentralised AI and Robotics community
Decentralized Crytocurrency Exchange
Blockchain and Smart Wallet
Universal platform for trading game items on blockchain technology and smart contracts
Mobile app for the trucking industry providing freight matching services
Generation platform for software products
Decentralized platform that monetizes Memes, providing economic incentives for content
DreamToken helps dreams come true
Social media where you can post questions and answers for rewards
A Cross-boarder Business Funding Platform
Decentralized Multi-tasking Messenger with capabilities of a multi-currency crypto-wallet
A decentralised blockchain based natural asset exchange with accompanying Earth Token (ETN) crypto
Platform to let users interact and share valuable knowledge
Cryptocurrency whose value will be tied to that of ecological ferroalloys
Decentralized Investment Platform
AI Crypto-assets Investment Fund
Platform for simple solutions for the entire service industry
Platform to negotiate energy through a peer-to-peer network using the energizium blockchain
Ethereum-based Distributed Platform for Copyright Registration and File Integrity Verification
A Multicurrency based Financial Platform with the aim of creating a universal ecosystem
Decentralize Everything
Blockchain-based Target Search and Task Solution Platform
Manufacturer of Equipment for Mining Cryptocurrency
Real Estate Investment Platform
Blockchain-based Platform with Lawyer-Backed Financial Functions
Ethereum-based Decentralized Exchange
Online Sports Lottery Platform with Provably Fair Results
Decentralised P2P Lending Platfrom build on top of the Ethereum Network
Blockchain Startup creating solutions for refugees
Anonymous, autonomous, blockchain sports and esports betting
Distributed Ledger Protocol for the Internet of Things
Rideshare Application with it’s own cryptocurrency
Single sign-on platform for comments all over the Internet
P2P Decentralized Fixed Income Securities Network for Crypto and Traditional Asset Managers
Marketplace for Trading Insurance Policies on Blockchain Technology
Blockchain-friendly British Bank
Ecosystem to create trustworthy and convenient financial services
Decentralized Job platform
Social Network powered by decentralised storage
Social platform to buy and sell content and information
Decentralized gaming ecosystem for players, traders, developers, streamers
Blockchain-based Global Consumer Network
Contents Provider Rewarding System
Global blockchain ecosystem for agriculture and food businesses
A Decentralized Affiliate Marketing and Advertising Solution
Multimedia Communication Platform
Anonymous Live Streaming Platform
Automated service for car refuels
An Investment Platform for Creation and Managing Funds
E-commerce Marketplace for Refurbished Consumer Electronics
Blockchain-based Open Ecosystem for a Game Industry
Decentralized Marketplace
Coin for buying games, hardware and in-game content
Blockchain-based Comprehensive Shopping Platform
Advertising Platform for monetising VR
Privacy Focused Document Storage with Blockchain Timestamping Services
Decentralized Storage Network for blockchain applications
Chemical-free cold plasma technology platform on blockchain
Token-based Lending exchange for Asia
Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
Charity on the Chain
Automated Crypto-Trading
Gaming platform with a universal gaming profile featuring collectible virtual items
Automatisation of core business processes for enterprises
Bank of the future combining convenience of plastic cards and independence of blockchain
An international project for creating a network of metrological centers and clusters
Blockchain-based Football Betting
Blockchain Option for Gold Mining
Cryptocurrency Provided by Gold Mining
Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
Intelligence platform for Blockchain built on top of Natural Language Understanding
Managing Company for passive investment in the crypto currency
Transparent and open smart-ticketing protocol for any type of event with regulated admission
Cybersecurity Marketplace Custom-Tailored for the Blockchain
Digital Bank to fuse Islamic Banking Module with Blockchain Technology
Sport Village
Decentralized Trading Platform
Cloud Mining Platform
Value & Identity to Cryptocurrency Platform
Transaction Innovation – IoT Contract Platform based on Blockchain
Device for non-invasive diagnostics of diabetes, stomach ulcer and lung cancer
Health Care Blockchain-based System handling data transfer, payments and storage
VR Tecnologies for Live Concert Industry
Blockchain-Based Health Ecosystem
Blockchain-based platform for the legal marijuana market
Online Speech Translator for phone calls and general using
Ethereum-based Intelligence Revolution Live Chat Software
Coin dedicated for humanitarian actions based on Ethereum using self-developed platform
Proffessional network and internet of people and trust which they share on blockchains id
Decentralized Marketing Platform
Blockchain-based Decentralized System to create complex methodics of human personality analysis
Decentralized Platform that facilitates IoT developers to monetize their IOT hardware
An Investment in Physical Gold
Blockchain-based Startup’s Accelerator
SHA-256 based Smart Contract System
Biotacknology Industry Cryptocurrency
A Global Decentralized High-quality Color Printer Sharing Service for private and business offices
The Award-winning App
An entry-level electric Formula race car
Blockchain-based Health Platform
A blockchain-based open broadcast of content
Decentralised Solution Harnessing for the Creative Industry
Decentralized Ecosystem Directly Connecting Grocery Manufacturers and Consumers
A Peer-to-peer Lending Service that works with Cryptocurrency and Fiat
Decentralized Investments Platform
Blockchain-based Global Wireless Internet Provider
Ethereum-based Network provides traditional financial assets
A venture-backed enterprise communication tool
Blockchain-based Professional Social Network
Decentralized Blockchain Solution for resolving a wide range of disputes
Global decentralized blockchain-platform where people and companies can interchange to each other
Online Banking Service
Decentralized Event Management & Marketing Protocol on Blockchain
Ethereum-based Marketing Analytics Token
Multi-Blockchain DAPP
Blockchain-based Crowdfunding and Ticket Sales
Blockchain-based Identity Verification Platform
Robust Ecosystem of Development Tools
Blockchain-based Online-translation Platform
A framework for conversion of human laws into a computer parsable form.
Blockchain-based Invoice Exchange
Lendoit is a decentralized P2P lending platform using smart contracts and the blockchain technologie
Crypto-currency secured by wood stock
Сyber Security Platform
Decentralized platform for cryptocurrency derivatives trading
Token with monthly income from operational activities
Your Portal to a Life of Adventure
Hybrid SaaS Marketplace and Freelance Platform
Video Broadcast Platform
Online Learning Platform
Community-powered, Film, TV and Content Network
P2P Lending & Investment Platform
Heating, Lighting, and Sensing Functionalities for Visionary Brands
The first open-world MMORPG on mobile where players can mine cryptocurrency
Digital Rewards Programs for multinational companies
A Decentralized Loyalty Program and Ecosystem for Customers
Ethereum-based Lottery
Blockchain-fueled Smartglasses
Cancer Diagnostic Technology
Marketing Cloud for Blockchain
Social Media Platforms and blockchain Dapps navigation
A Distributed Ecosystem for Ad Tech
An Economic Strategy Game
A 3D/VR open source platform for creation and integration of spaces and objects
A Reward-based Influencer Marketing Ecosystem on Blockchain
Robotic Transportation System
The MGFSConsult coin who allows SME Connections with cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency for the financial market with features for crypto community
An Entertainment Community for the next generation
Blockchain powered platform connecting patients and doctors worldwide
Blockchain-based Personal Healthcare Information Platform
Platform for secure, fast and transparent exchange and use of medical data
Decentralized Drinks Ordering and Tipping
Crowdsourced Ecosystem for Travel Concierge Service and Lifestyle Management
Investment in Agriculture
Ethtreum-based Mindsports Network
A chatbot platform and blockchain-based marketplace for developers, their clients and partners
Software suite for buying, storing and sending cryptocurrencies
Artificial Intelligence for accurate financial markets predictions
Universal Protocol for connection devices and developers
Democratizing Global Trade with Blockchain Technology
Modular IoT Device connected to blockchains
Smart Contract based Decentralised Prediction Market
Game Platform Based on Decentralized Smart Contract
Blockchain Powered Social Entrepreneurship Platform Designed for Women
E-banking Platform that is 100% mobile, made for freelancers and SMEs
Connecting ecommerce, perfect fit and blockchain
Blockchain-based Application for Tokenization Physical Activity
Cryptocurrency Investment Platform
Decentralized Blockchain-based Food Review Incentivized Platform
Cryptocurrency Wallet
Decentralized Autonomous Funds
An ecosystem that rewards content creators, moderators
Platform that directly connects retailers with customers
Blockchain-based Banking Services
Crossline-platform for investing in high-yield real estate around the world
Community-owned Fundraising Platform
Safe Neural Network
Distributed Synthetic Data Platform for Deep Learning Applications
Platform provides escrow, technical and legal framework for decentralized managed investment funds
ObizCoin is getting ready for their ICO Pre-Sale and their global introduction of the world’s first “Smart Process BOTs”. The ObizCoin Platform has in and of itself created a new paradigm in the way businesses will manage their internal processes. Any successful enterprise must have the ability to define and implement each business process, and then to analyze how to improve upon it. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology, ObizCoin Smart Bot’s will be able to identify and improve all the processes that go into a successful business model.
Investment Blockchain Option the Oil and Gas Sector
An Investment Project for shooting the second part of the cult movie Kicking Off
World’s Academic & Career Development Ledger
A service-focused knowledge-sharing business platform with decentralized marketplace
Purpose-built Protocol for Supply Chains
Digital Standard for the New, Green Economy
Economic Value Integrated into Secure Communication Systems
A peer to peer financial content marketplace
Blockchain-based Financial Infrastructural Platform
Decentralized escrow platform
Alternative share market network, a marketplace where everyone around the world will able to participate
Decentralized Financial Marketplace
Blockchain-based Payment Solution for Merchants
Blockchain-based Automatic Machine Learning
Decentralized Investment Platform
Social connection and activity platform
Blockchain-based Online Market Platform for Providers of Music Art and Media
Decentralized Cloud-Gaming Platform
The symbiosis of business and blockchain technology to protect from counterfeiting any product
Channel for non-profit associations with blockchain technology
Blockchain-based Investment and Trading Platform
Blockchain-based Currency for the porn industry
Crowdfunding Real Estate Platform
Blockchain-based 3D Virtual Reality Platform
Decentralized certainty for investments and anonymous participant accountability
Decentralized Platform for VR Content Distribution
Blockchain-based Platform to allow users to buy and sell electricity and gas
Platform decentralizes the ownership of user data like browsing history, location data and much more
Crypto Casino & Resort
Decentralized publishing platform
An International Early­stage Venture Capital Fund and Startup Acceleration Program
Units and Software for removing major air pollutants
Qtum-based Social Network
Investors portal
Smart Contract-based Lottery
AI Platform for Investment and Personal Finance
Blockchain-based Dating Platform
The platform for writing, executing, arbitrating, guaranteeing and standardizing smart contracts
Platform For Tokenized Real Estate Excellence
Platform making public and private art reachable by all the artists
Gaming Referral and Promotion Platform
Decentralized Affiliate Platform
Vape Industry ICO
Open Marketplace for the safe and secure trading of secondary metals
Distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol with a set of DApps for Access Management
Crypto-Currency Based Merchant Solution for High-Risk Markets
Decentralized Home Rental Platform
Blockchain based news content provider
Ecommerce Payment Gateway
Decentralized Rental Platform
Tokenized Rewards Platform for Online Business
Platform for Items Sharing
Blockchain-based Circular Community for Monetizing Digital Content
Distributed Network that incentivizes people to share mobile device resources
Robo Advisor for Cryptocurrencies
Medical Network based on Smart Contract
An Automatic Cryptocurrency Trading System with Algorithm that can be purchased and sold
A data processing infrastructure for Ethereum
Decentralized accelerator based on the DAO concept
Personal Assisstant in planning your own trips
Multi-platform Time-management Game with in game currency
AI-Driven Cryptocurrency Exchange & Payment Gateway
Multi-channel Ecommerce Platform for digital business
Ethereum-based commodity cryptocurrency, based on real Salt mining
Decentralised Blockchain-based Social Connectivity Platform
Sports Media Powered by Blockchain
Cyber Security Platform
Decentralized Platform for submitting and fulfilling monetary needs
International Payment Aggregator
Blockchain-based Search Engine Reputation Management Tools
UK based investment fund
Energy drink backed by tokens
Blockchain-powered Music Streaming Service
Blockchain platform, marketplace, exchange with smart investing
Anonymous Decentralized Cryptocurrency
IoT world embedded software development and hardware design
Decentralized Gaming Platform
Intelligent Cryptocurrency For Purchase
Blockchain-based SMS Gateway Platform
Decentralized Lead Generation Service
Next-gen decentralized social platform
Blockchain-based Marketplace integrating business apps & solutions to collaborative environments
The project of the optimized cryptocurrency order execution system
Crowdfunding Platform
An Ethereum-based Token for the Global Spa Industry
Speculative Tokenized Brokerless Trading Exchange
Mining Service
Disrupting Venture Capital with the Blockchain
Football Management Platform
Decentralized sports investment & funding ecosystem
Platform that aims to reinvent the security solutions for companies
Platform to manage Corporate Governance activities using blockchain technology
Infrastructure of Professional Football
Blockchain-based Lottery & Betting Platform
Open-source Digital Currency for local and international transactions
Support the living and passive victims of terrorism
A global real estate ecosystem connected by blockchain technology
Instant Crypto Payments at Point of Sale at Any Merchant
Blockchain-based stock betting platform
Anti-Counterfeit & Copyright Infringements Blockchain Service
Ethereum-based Mobile Application for Internet connectivity everywhere with cellphone
High-technological and profitable gold-mining business in Sudan
The world’s first decentralized threat intelligence market
Private Banking with Smart Contracts
Decentralized Encrypted P2P E-mail System
P2P Blockchain for the Manufacturing Supply Chain
The Healthware Marketplace
Open System to share talents and connect people via blockchain technology
Investments in cryptocurrency’s first rap album
E-Commerce Token Based on Eco-system of Ecommerce & Education
The first blockchain platform for booking hotels and apartments.
Decentralizing short-term housing rentals without comission
Messenger- Without words project
Premium Decentralized AD Marketplace
Decentralized Crytocurrency for Instant Message Transfer
Investment product in the form of the cryptocurrency token backed by industrial goods
Blockchain Infrastructure Services
Database ​of ​Verified ​Information
Distributed Hardware Security Modules for Crypto-Currencies Key Management System
Ecosystem for crypto investors, traders & funds
Direct Token purchase place for all ICOs
Decentralized and Self-verifying Payment Platform
Real Estate Backed Cryptocurrency
Tokenized Crowdfunding and Freelancing Platform
Decentralized Sports Betting Platform
Secure Decentralized File Sharing Infrastructure
Decentralized Gaming Blockchain
Distributed Financial Gaming Platform
Blockchain-based Trading Platform
Platform Offering Mobile Internet
Platform for Discover the Truth and Block Fake News
Dual Blockchain Travel Payment System
Decentralized System to organize transparent collections of funds in cryptocurrency
Services for Mining
A Global P2P Financial Services Network
Blockchain-based marketplace of intellectual property turnover
Decentralized E-Commerce Ecosystem
A Blockchain-based Game Platform
Investment and Financial Company
Digital Currency For The Wedding Industry
Blockchain Platform
Value Based Utility Crypto Currency Platform
A Blueprint for Disintermediated Financial Services
Mobile Application for Cryptocurrency Trading
Blockchain-based venture investment platform
Ethereum-based Distributed Reputation Protocol
Platform for control and capitalize songs by artists and rights holders
Decentralized Vehicle History
Blockchain-based Smart Home Technology
Payment System that combines cryptocurrencies and traditional bank cards
The Ultimate Blockchain Fuel for the Vehicle Lifecycle Industry
A global franchise of VR game arenas
Financial Services Platform allows people to work in both fiat and cryptocurrency
Digital token backed by safe products in China
Asia’s Coin-Traded and Coin-Managed Venture Capital Fund
Decentralized Investment Intelligence Platform
Waves-based cryptocurrency used for peer-to-peer web and social media exchange services
Blockchain-based Marketplace for Healthcare
Open-Source developer fund to invest in great cloud-computing projects
Blockchain System
Lending to merchant SMEs
Cryptocoin that rewards Knowledge
Blockchain-Powered Mobile Shopping
Decentralized XMAS Token
Cryptocurrency fund for real estate development and investment
Betting Platform for Sporting and Other Events using the smart contracts
Hardware cryptocurrency wallet for storage and management of different type assets
A Project of a Regulated Bank for the Digital Generation
An Asset Backed Cryptocurrency
Blockchain-based Financial Engine
EcoCryptoMining Platform