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Financial Markets Investment Fund (SCAM ALERT!)
The Third Generation Blockchain Network
Social Media Network
Blockchain-based communicator
Cryptocurrency that is built by the community of multiple altcoin communities
The World’s First Trusted Food Ecosystem
Regtech using blockchain for real worldwide cases
Digital Asset Exchange
Tokenized Assets on the Ethereum Blockchain
An investment in promising construction material
State of the art Decentralized Betting platform
International online lottery
Internet for Decentralized Apps
Decentralised Database Service for dApps
Remote Voting Technology
Decentralised Social Network
Ethereum-based P2P Lending Ecosystem
Crowd-sharing Electric Vehicle Charging
Blockchain-based Lottery Game
Public Blockchain Infrastructure Company
Decentralized Web-store that allows to trade digital development assets
P2P Car Sharing Startup
Economy Platform with passive income
Transparent and verifiable sports betting and gambling game platform
Decentralized Mobile App to buy and sell Ethereum using cash
Crypto-asset investment analysis platform based on a smart-contract.
A transport protocol to accelerate the development of mobility-related decentralised applications
Decentralizing Energy Markets by Rewarding Energy Efficient Behavior
Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange
Experty is a cutting-edge decentralized P2P voice/video platform for paid consultation
Sports Betting on the Blockchain
Private Crypto Exchange
Blockchain-based Innovative Financial Technology Start-up
A Platform for rewarding open-source contributions
Autonomous Smart Travel Ecosystem
Decentralized live stream bets and interactions
Consumer Fundraising on Blockchain
Tokenizing the Intelligent Connected Automotive Marketplace
Blockchain Peer 2 Peer Marketplace & Logistics Platform
Community-governed, Ethereum-based DAO
Blockchain-based Website Hosting Service
Lottery in the Instagram
We Justmake IT Work
The Decentralised Art Gallery
Blockchain platform for easy and convenient trading
Smart Contract Marketplace
Blockchain-powered Platform to democratise the utility of video-games economy
Payment and Identity Verification without sharing or storing private data
A Decentralized Automated Trade Execution Platform
Decentralized platform of the charitable foundation
Initiates, organizes and guarantees the openness of clinical trials of aging therapies
Decentralized Music Distribution
In-app Reputation Token for contracting governance & services
Art and Media Market
Decentralized Worldwide Cryptocurrency (SCAM ALERT!)
Platform for creating an open investment funds
Business for every community and business seeking to sell its personalized clothing and merchandise
Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy
Singing Education Platform
Blockchain Software for Trading
Cutting-edge Crypto Technology
Blockchain-Backed Loans
Marketplace of data science powered signals for trading cryptocurrencies
A licensed, fully regulated, global esports wagering brand
Distributed opensource database for managing intellectual property rights
A Blockchain Protocol for Mobile Lockscreen Advertising
Blockchain based transferable in-game currency
A cryptocurrency distributed by your mobile operator and accepted everywhere
Payment token for Trade Exchange platform
Platform that is aimed at simplification of money transfers worldwide
Time-value-based Transmission Network
Africa’s first Agricultural VAS-backed blockchain option
The digital currency catering to travellers and investors
Decentralized Cryptocurrency Backed by Real-World Assets and an Established Infrastructure.
A betting esports platform
Payment platform that empowers buyers to pay with their favorite cryptocurrencies
Decentralized Funding Platform
Decentralized YouTube, Patreon, and Udemy All-in-One
Blockchain Solutions for Supply Operations
Service for sale of tickets combining convenience of mobile applications and safety of a blockchain
A Decentralized P2P Platform for Vacation Rentals
Platform to create and participate in any competitions